10 facts about me

Hey y’all/Salams

So i thought i’d do a 10 facts about me post because…well why not!

1. I speak fluent arabic in the Moroccan dialect.

2. My favourite colour is green

3. I don’t have a favourite genre of book… i can’t choose!

4. I love Kitty Pryde from the X-men. She’s one of my all time favourite female superheroes.

5. I’m really bad at any form of gaming other than my Nintendo Ds or Wii.

6. I prefer Nike over Adidas.

7. I understand most French and can read it and write it. Speaking is my issue when it comes to French

8. English is my first langauge.

9.I’ve only ever completed one anime: Erased, i can’t get into anime easily and i don’t have the patience  to watch a whole 3 seasons, so i’m not much of an anime person.

10. I love biscoff spread more than nearly anything.




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