5 books i can’t believe i’ve not read

Hi y’all/Salam alykum

So i realised on this fine Sunday morning(it’s not actually fine. I have school tomorow, ugh). the amount of  books that i’ve never read. Like, books that i’ve seen in shops or whatever but just didn’t get around to reading them , and now i just think “why Iman? Why haven’t you read any of these?”. So anyway, here are 5 books that i can’t believe  i’ve not read

1.The rest of the Harry Potter series

So i’m not actually much of a Harry Potter fan. I think i’m the only  person who doesn’t like/ isn’t interested in Harry Potter. I enjoyed the movies, but not so much the books,that being said, i’ve only read books 1-4, and i did find them kinda boring, but i really do need to finish the series, i mean who knows? Maybe i’l become a massive Harry Potter fan…

2. Slated

I bought this book a while back to read on holiday, and after reading about 2 chapters i just put it down and forgot about it, it’s still on my bookshelf today. I probably should get around to reading it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. Twilight

I can’t believe i haven’t read Twilight,  it was so popular at one point so why haven’t i read it?

4. The Hobbit

I can’t get into it. Sorry.

5. Pride and Prejudice

This is a classic, like come on Iman. I need to read this book, to be honest

What do you think, should i read these books or not?

Iman 🙂





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