favourite Marvel characters : Kitty Pryde

Hey y’all/Salam
So I’ve talked about my favourite superpowers and written about Daredevil, so you should all know by now that i love anything superhero-ish. However i think its about time i spoke about one of my favourite women of Marvel:Kitty Pryde

Katherine “Kitty” Pryde is a Jewish mutant with the ability to become intangible. She first joined the X-men when she was young and became known as Sprite,she’s served as Wolverine’s “sidekick” before and is a prominent member of the X-men. She’s clashed with people like Emma Frost and had relationships with people like Colossus ( or Piotr Rasputin if you want to know him by his real name),  fought villains and more. She’s funny,lovable, and isn’t afraid to fight dirty. I love Kitty Pryde because of her personality,her wit and her abilities.

That’s it for today folks, tell me if you liked this post and if you want more like it!

Iman 🙂



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