Muslim women don’t need saving

Hi/Salam y’all

Okay, for someone who isn’t even from America, or who has never been , i say y’all way too much.

Sorry for that. I kinda lost concentration.

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a long time after getting fed up of seeing salty guys on Reddit go on about women in Islam.

Yes, i know it’s Reddit and all, but it’s becoming common to see posts all over the internet talk about women being oppressed by “evil Islam” or whatever.

Now this annoys me, because many of these people don’t seem to have actually had any experience with Muslim women,  instead they go by countries like Saudi Arabia, or any country in the Middle East which treats women terribly. Also, these people aren’t Islamic scholars, or Sheikhs, or Imams, they’re just regular people who have  read maybe , one article or one verse of the Quran  without bothering to look up it’s full interpretation or background and claim that “Islam is evil”.

Yes, women in some so-called “Islamic” countries get treated horribly, and like second class citizens, however i cannot think of anything in Islam which naturally opresses women. There are lots of strong, determined, and very un-oppressed women in Islamic history.

Take the Prophet Muhammed pbuh’s wife Aisha. Aisha is known for many things, and was an amazing woman, but one of  things that sticks out to me the most was that she led an entire army into battle. Yep, an entire army.

Islam gave women rights, it gives us the right to own property, to divorce, to choose who to marry and many more.

Yet we all focus on other people’s perceptions of Islam.

Now, you might be thinking, “but Iman have you ever lived in a Muslim country?” and the answer to that is yes, i have  lived in a Muslim country before and I was absolutely fine. Not all Muslim countries are the same as Saudi Arabia.

I, along with many other Muslim women don’t need saving.

So please stop telling us we’re oppressed or brainwashed by the ” evil cult which is Islam”

I pray 5 times a day, read Quran, fast during Ramadan, and have recently started wearing the Hijab, yet at the same time i love reading , i’m a massive comic book nerd and I will almost obsessively talk about my favourite characters.

I don’t need saving. Yes there are women who will need help, however it’s ridiculous to assume all Muslim women are being oppressed, or maltreated in any way.

One way people assume Muslim women are being oppressed is Hijab, when many of the women wearing Hijab are choosing to wear it themselves. Alhamdullilah, no one in my family was ever forced to wear the Hijab, including me. Yes there are women who are forced, however many wear it based on their own choice.

So please stop assuming all Muslim women need saving, because not all of us do.

What did you think of this post? Tell me in the comments!

Iman 🙂




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