Hi ya’ll/Salam alaykum!

I’m Iman, the writer behind the blog.Im a Muslim girl who loves pizza,reading and bad puns.  I’m a big Marvel fan and a massive Percy Jackson fan.  I love just about anything written by Rick Riordan. I’ve loved Greek mythology for ages(way before i read any of Riordan’s work), and i’m interested in Roman mythology as well.

I created this blog to talk about anything that I like and it’s more like a public journal about what interests me,so if you’re into comics,modest outfits/style,books,and long rants or anything along those lines then give my blog a follow!

The name of my blog is a joke by the way. I don’t really consider my self boring but i’m sure there will be folk who do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Contact me!

Email: sunflowerss12@hotmail.com

Or you can just leave me a comment and i’l try my best to reply!